Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Recently, one of our two fish died shortly after I had very lovingly cleaned their tank. The cause remains a mystery. In reality, the other one had died, too, but somehow was brought back to life miraculously. I've been watching him closely: he scarcely moves and consumes no food. The gorgeous metallic cerulean and blood red are fast fading, making the scales ever so visible. Tiny pectoral fins make several failed attempts at transient movements. He surfaces to water faintly parting his mouth and stagnates there till I tap the edge of the fish bowl. I've found him laying horizontally on the floor of the bowl playing dead. At those intensely sad moments, I've thought it's time to bury him. But then he revives!

It's been close to two days and my poor fish still remains agonized. It's tormenting for me to watch him in the current state. At the same time, I don't have the heart to put an unnatural end to his life.

That brings me to the question in focus: should euthanasia - better known as assisted suicide - be legal? It has merits and demerits that one can weigh.

If a person or an animal has been suffering for a considerable amount of time, and medicine has not yet discovered a cure for the ailment, it might be logical to relieve the person or the animal of all the suffering. That's when religious and moral values come into play. Emotional attachments are a barrier. The major religions of the world label it as murder (without the consent of the informed adult) or suicide (with the consent of the informed adult), and hence frown upon it.

Each situation varies, and consequently the decision varies. For now, I need to decide what needs to be done with my fish. Suggestions?


...and we're here!

The way we see it now, this blog is about two parallel lives.

Shahzeb will provide an insight to what goes on in (at the risk of sounding cheesy) the heart of Pakistan. The place where we have the legendary Food Street, the best Basants (kite flying festival), rich history and heritage, and most importantly, the warmest people!

I, on the other hand, will use this as an alternative to mass e-mails. It's a wonderful forum to enlighten everybody what my journey from Lahore's Food Street to Boston's chi-chi Newbury Street has been like.

Along the way, we will talk about every random thing that demands attention. Our readers must provide us with comments and ideas. Those of you who don't, should know that we are stubborn and persistent, and you will be held in an armlock till you have something to say!